I talked pish on tv yesterday.

“This Morning” had viewing figures of 2.9million people.

Nervousness isn’t really something that I feel, but, frankly, I’m still nauseous. And, that’s not got to do with anything Eamonn Holmes did, he was Very Nice Indeed.

Haven’t watched it. I mucked up, I was supposed to mention The New Pad, and, erm, I never. Partly because TV happens so fast, partly because I was confused about what I could say and not say and partly because I was concentrating so hard on not saying “labia” that the interview was over before I’d remembered to say “oh, and, there’s this new pad”…

My greatest triumph was not collapsing in a fit of giggles when I realised the other guest was a dog.

Not just a dog, but, a dog with a tragic story. And, a wheelchair.

Upstaged by a dog. Who, most probably has continence issues.

I’ll post a link to the interview when I figure out how to do it. My one, not the dog’s. That dog was a total diva, by the way.

Anyhoo, am starting to get messages from women who are needing help. So, that’s making me Very Happy Indeed. The reach of tv is staggering, I’m hoping that some women realise that They Don’t Need To Put Up With It. Fingers crossed. Instead of knees.

Fringe in 2 days. Better get some writing done…


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