Talking pish

Talking is pretty much my only skill. I excel at talking pish.

Technology is not something I’m good at.

So, I’ve been procrastinating over putting a blog together for ever. Well, maybe not forever, but, certainly since I realised what a blog is. (Widgets, however, they remain a mystery. Isn’t that the thing that makes the froth in a can of guiness? Makes no sense to me).

So, all of that is to encourage you to keep your expectations low. What you’ll find here is a bunch of rants and funnies about women’s health, advice about how to look after your pelvic floor, details of my gigs, probably some oversharing about my own nether regions and, possibly some mention of our stupid budgie, because he’s usually sitting on my laptop. Pooping.

What you’ll not find is flashy gifs, or widgets. Mostly, just words.

Here goes…


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