me, with a giant fanny, Gusset Grippers, Weirdest Show of Fringe 2013


Fringe Flyer, complete with typos.  All my own work.

Goannie come to see my show?

Pretty Please?

It would be embarrassing to be on my own in a basement bar with only a knitted vagina bag for company.  Don’t do it to me, folk will laugh at me.

The show is evidence based practice about pelvic floors, only, disguised as scatological humour.  You’ll leave knowing what your pelvic floor is, what it does, what the exercises are and when to do them, and why it’s worth bothering.

The show is free, but, as with all Free Fringe Shows, there’s a bucket (dressed as a vagina, natch) as I’m fundraising for the Freedom From Fistula Foundation.  There’s also fanjo freebies to be had.  

Bring your menfolks, they have pelvic floors too and are, generally  speaking, usually Quite Interested in things which make their willies stronger for longer.


WHAT: Gusset Grippers, Weirdest Show of the Fringe 2013.

WHO: Elaine Miller, physio and guest blogger on Mumsnet, Huffpost and Evidently Cochrane.

WHERE: The George Next Door, 9 George IV Bridge (venue 430).  (it’s a pop up venue, near the Elephant House café.  Blue door, old Children’s Library, right over the Cowgate)

WHEN: 2-12 August, 1940 daily.

WHY: “not your average physio” Scotsman

           “a triumph of using humour to tackle a difficult issue” – Three Week

           “Try not to be so busy you miss this show. Your knickers will thank you” – One4review

           Fee, non ticketed




Evidently Cochrane:

Freedom From Fistula Foundation:



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